Back in the beginning of search engine history which was round the 90s, the players were just about unknown. Today, in light of the giants like Google they are all but forgotten. These early efforts towards growth were the outcome of CERN, a web-server edited by T. Berners-Lee.

The first search website was “Archie”. It came on the scene in 1990. This was the brain kid of Alan Emtage. Alan was a PC science student from Canada. Back then the general public files were minimal and didn’t need indexing.

Gopher came on the scene in 1991. This came to us from Minnesota by Mark McCahill. His efforts introduced keyword search features to the game. His programs were named Veronica and Jughead and they searched file names and titles which Gopher stored.

Back then there were no search engines for a world wide web and many catalogs were hand edited. This led to postings on the internet which first looked like the idea of today’s search engines. That effort was referred to as the W3- catalog which arrived on the scene in 1993 well before search engine submission

In June of the same year a MIT student named Matthew gray created what is thought of as the first web robot. The indexes so generated were called Wandex after the name of the robot- “Perl-based net ( WWW ) wanderer. A second robot used as a search engine was called Aliweb – arriving in Nov of ’93.

The first engine to combine the features of crawling, indexing as well as looking which are so crucial to today’s search websites was called JumpStation and it arrived on the scene in December of the same year. Since them there have been many stages of development to the web which fashioned it into the internet that we all know today.

Over the years the search technology grew exponentially. Today the arena of search sites has taken on more than world implications . There is nearly no subject known to occupy that it does not encompass. When you factor in the sciences of anthropology and archeology the consequences for generations yet to come are stunning. Maybe this may be our major incentive to protect the planets ecosystems and preserve our civilization far into the future. It is clear to see how crucial renewable energy sources are becoming in light of the proven fact that all of this technology for search engine marketing is reliant on electricity as its source.

 sources are becoming given the fact that all this technology for search engine marketing is reliant on electricity as its source.

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