Amazon Codes – To Use or Not to Use

Amazon Codes, also known as  Amazon Promotional Codes  are usually 8-10 characters in a row that can be typed in the checkout page after ordering an amazon item. Use of those amazon codes allows for significant discounts and they are very sought after by bargain hunters and coupon clippers. 
Yes, the use of amazon codes can be great for decreased prices but is it always worth it to go after codes like this? The final price you pay is certainly decreased but sometimes savings can be minimal.
Here is some advice regarding the use of amazon codes:
1. Foods with conservatives versus foods you can cook with raw materials
The majority of grocery  Amazon Coupons  apply to items such as processes foods, snacks while other items such as milk, dairy and fresh fruits rarely get discounted. Be careful about use of such  Amazon Coupon Codes  and make use you maintain a balanced diet. It is not worth having an unhealthy diet just because you will be saving a few dollars with the use of  Amazon Promotional Codes .
2. Make sure you don’t “save” by getting a discount for an already overpriced item
What does that mean. It means that you might be paying more money for a brand name compared to a generic product that is much cheaper to start with. Make sure you do some market research and never just rely on the fact that you have a coupon available. Look for different brands and different stores that might have the same product at a lower price.
3. Amazon Code or not – is this something that you need at the first place?
This of course holds true for every purchase online and goes back to the basic principle that you should not give away money for items you do not need. Make sure you do not overspend by just using  Amazon Coupon Codes  to buy items for which you have  Amazon Promo Codes.
4. Buy the smallest item your coupon allows it
This means that if the coupon does not specify otherwise, buying the smallest size of the item you desire will result in you paying only a very small amount or close to nothing for a small item. At the same time, you would have to pay much more for a larger or “economy pack” because your coupon would only cover a smaller percentage of the price.
5. Always check the cost-per-unit or cost-per-ounce
Several of the items you would buy at your local grocery store have a cost per unit meaning that you can compare between two different brands or two different packages of the same brand. Usually, economy or family packs have a lower relative price or cost per unit. Nevertheless, if your amazon code is valid for an item with a higher cost per unit then you might just not be saving much or even pay more than if you bought the brand with the lowest cost per unit at the first place. Think about it!

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