A secret that all artists learn is to concentrate on is paint tone. Seasoned painters know that paint tone is more important than color when working. If you use this piece of advice you will find that by using tone rather than color, your work will be getting a completely fresh effect and your painting will be tonally right. This may be a big step when trying it out for the first time but if you want your work to look different then try it.

Those painters who do work with acrylics know they have to mix small quantities mainly because it dries so quickly. Even so, it is necessary for the painter to mix a bit more than is required. This is so that you can do any touch ups once you are finished. It is especially important to have ready mixed paint if there are any spots that are not properly covered. A very clever and worth while tip is to use sealed sandwich bags. You can place the container you use for mixing inside the bag. It will stay moist for much longer than you expect. The will paint sure that any touch-ups you do are in the same paint tone as the original work.

Another good way to keep your acrylics moist for much longer is to mix your paints in small containers with lids that snap on tight. This will seal the container, keep the paint moist and they can even be stacked to save space. There are painters who even place their sealed containers in the fridge to lengthen the drying out process. Doing all this will save you money in the long run. It also means you don’t have to finish a painting in a single session because you can be sure to get the paint tones right when you pick up work again.

Painters are always buying and replenishing their paints. If you want this exercise to go smoothly and you want to get the right colors that you use then make sure you know the names of the colors you use. Colors have precise names. It takes up a huge amount of time if you go to an art supply store and try to recognize colors you use and need. If you want blue then you have to get the exact shade of blue you need. To assist you and make shopping for your colors a lot easier why not keep a paint chart in your purse or pocket? A chart narrows down your search to a specific shade of a specific color.

If you are a beginner painter then paints will become the heart of your life. Painting is a passion and it requires you to understand color. If you want to produce work that truly reflects your subject and your personal creative energy then you must have sufficient colors. You could say paint, brushes, mediums, canvas and easel are the basic tools of an artist. Even the artist who has years and years of experience and has every piece of equipment that is on the market cannot produce a work of beauty without having paints of the right colors. A sensible tip is to keep up with your stock of paints. As soon as one tube is nearly finished go and get another one and don’t forget to know the exact name of the paint tone you want.

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