In fact, many people do not have enough time to go quiet and our bodies relax. You are supposed to practice relaxing a few minutes before you master the skill. With some practice, you will feel that you can slip into relaxation and away from stress and pressure.

1. Try to talk to yourself. Sometimes the worst enemies are ourselves. Instead of easing our stresses, we give them by thinking in terms of absolutes, using words like “always” or “never”: “I will never be able to lose weight in my life.”
If you find that is like you, you have to be alert to the moments when you are putting unreasonable thing on you and try to lighten up. Counter the negative information with positive ones. Do not feel embarrassed to speak them out when you are alone. Replace the harsh absolute with forgiving thought: “Certainly it needs sometimes to lose weight. So what? There is no one pushing me but myself. I am doing it fine. Keep going. Think with the broad view. You need to know that not all things will often go wrong for you. The truth is that things always go wrong for every person. When they do, each one will have the same challenge: have things sorted out and get on with life.
It is said that laughter can be a strong medicine. The action of laughing can ease muscle tension, and has been found that it can help you have the lower risk of stress-related illnesses. There was a study tested 300 volunteers’ propensity to laugh at everyday events. Those who always laugh had the less heart problems than those who rarely had a smile. Even those with elevated cholesterol, the ability to laugh give them a protection to prevent the heart attack.
If you want to have a good chortle, watching your favorite sitcom or keeping a humorous book. If you always meet traffic jam, try renting a funny audio book.
Practice relaxation.
Find a quiet place where you can not be interrupt. Then sit in a comfortable position that allows you to make you body relaxed. Close your eyes.
Relax your muscles staring with your feet and progressing upward.|Let your muscles relaxed completely beginning with your feet.} Spend a moment experiencing the feeling of being completely relaxed.
Keep your eyes still closed, concentrating on each breath through your nose.
Then as you breathe, start to repeat a single word such as “peace”. The phrase may let you focus your attention and banish those distracting thoughts.
Sit quietly about a few more minutes, first with your eyes closed and then with them open. Enjoy the way your body and mind feel.
Sound easy? Actually, most people have the hard time to let our minds to stay quiet and our bodies relax. You have to practice relaxing for several minutes before you grasp it. And after some practice, you can find that you are keeping away from stress and feel much better.

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