When we buy an eBook in Amazon, the most annoying situation is it has DRM protection, which means we can’t read it with our other devices except Amazon Kindle, but we don’t want that. DRM protection is beneficial for Amazon and publishers and writers, but it’s not friendly to us, extensive readers.

Reading eBooks is the trend nowadays, it’s convenient, we don’t have to carry the heavy books with us when outside. All we need is iPhone or other cheaper eBook readers. And we can store tons of books in them, isn’t it much better than carrying one book with us? As the most famous and biggest online book store, Amazon is our first choice to buy or download books. But when you buy an eBook in Amazon, there’s a 99% chance it’s a DRM file.

Amazon has tons and tons of books available for Kindle, and have chosen the standard MobiPocket format as the one their reader uses, meaning it is theoretically trivial to purchase them and convert them to something else. We like to read books in an electronic form on Phone, iPod or iPad, but we always find that it’s pretty hard to come by them legally; there are many different sellers and formats, some of which have certain books but not others. Sometimes they have the book, but not in a format we can do anything with.

In any case, if you already have a Kindle, then you won’t bother to worry about the format and DRM protection issues, but like I said, if you don’t have Kindle or you just want to read those eBooks on your phone, then you need to remove the DRM that Amazon puts in the files (to keep people from converting them, natch), and then convert them to HTML or txt to read in Books.app on iPhone. Want to know how to do the same thing?

Step 1: Install Kindle for PC and authorize your copy. Authorize your copy of Kindle for PC and “Sync and check for new items”.

Notes: Just supports Kindle for PC v1.1.1 or older version, do not support newer version.

Step 2: Install Kindle drm removal. Then run it.

Step 3: Click “Browse” to open Kindle for PC. In the home mode, double click the book which you want to remove DRM from. In the reading mode, close Kindle for PC. You will see the book directory will appear in the “Input” box.

Step 4: Click “unDRM directory”, then remove DRM from Kindle eBook. After removing DRM from Kindle, click “Open Output Folder” to open the decrypted file folder.

After all these done, you can read eBooks purchased in Amazon on iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone, it has no limitations any more. Not just Amazon eBooks, if you want to read FB2 eBooks on iDevices, Sony Reader, or other portable eBook readers, you just need fb2 to epub converter, in a word, with the help of DRM removals or converters, we can enjoy Amazon eBooks or other format eBooks on any device we want.


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