Going to the prom is indeed a special event and quite often an unforgettable one. If you want to be conspicuous and draw the attention of all other guests present and be the cynosure of all eyes, then the obvious choice is a classic prom dress.
It is better for people, who wish to shop for prom dresses, to know beforehand the classic styles and definitions pertaining to prom dresses. Armed with this extra knowledge, you can shop more confidently and make the right purchases.
–  There is what is known as the Empire Cut dress, that is a full skirt that flows straight from high waistline – normally just below the bust. The empire style creates an illusion of height and thus a favorite with small made or short stature women.
–  A Sheath is a bit of a provocative dress with tight fabric that envelopes all the feminine curves and highlights the silhouette of physical body. The sheath can ideally be sleeveless and specially suited to show off a sexy body. Sheath dresses are recommended for tall, well-built women as that will make them ravishingly beautiful.
–  An A-line gown is an unusually appealing garment that has a form-fitted bodice that flows out from the waist to ankle as a full skirt. This type of gown features a seamless waist and because of its royal look, is often referred to as the princess-cut gown. This dress is especially chosen by women for hiding their large hips and thighs.
–  A tea-length gown looks unique as it hemmed to end right at the shin. It makes the wearer look a bit frivolous and is deemed perfect for women fond of putting out a casual or more relaxed appearance. This dress style lends a lot of charm and ideal if you are tall and slim.
–  A high-low gown is trendy and a craze among many fashion-conscious ladies. It is hemmed long in the back at the ankles and just above the knees in the front. This style creates a positive sexy appearance and can be the ideal dress those wanting to show off long legs and an hourglass figure. This is the dress if you want to be flirtatious and want to grab attention.
–  A bouffant gown is nothing more than a sheer, puffed-out skirt usually made from stiffened rayon or silk to give a rich look. The flared skirt is more intended for disguising bottom-heavy persons and may a bit clownish on small-made women.
–  Finally, there is the ball gown that is a full length skirt that begins at the waist and flows down to floor length. The waist is seamed and often styled in different shapes and designs. The ball gown style gives an appearance of cutting the body into two halves and is better suited for tall figures.
Prom is the perfect time to prove to all your friends how elegant a person you are and hence choose your dream prom dress. When choosing prom dresses, go for subdued shine with silk fabrics or the delicate touch with flowing chiffon.

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