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1. shop on your regular website in the regular way, but save lots of extra money in the process!

2. They allow to you pick any one of their 700+ stores, which includes names like myntra, flipkart, jabong, amazon, etc.

3. All you need to do is sign up on for free, log in and select the website you wish to shop from.

4. The browser will directly take you to the shopping website where you can do your shopping like you always do.

5. The cash back will be deposited into your bonusbay account after your shopping, and will be released into your bank account/paypal, after you have accumulated a minimum of rupees 1000.

so basically, like i have said in the video… a few extra clicks, and you end up saving a ton of money. It is very simple to use. Please watch the video to know more.

This is a review for those who love to do and would like to know more about their options after the decide they want to buy things online and find out their options and all kinds of things like that as you know it is all so great to know how to save money and that is just to do it. Like if you see the places like this channel here and see things like clothes from myntra or ehen one is to see some thing that is like so nice and also quite so pretty and helps you to know and also to learn about amazing new things that can help you then it is all so quite just truly wonderful to learn and to guess. This here when I do my one of the videos some time when I am sure I will talk about the accosiated and all the connected websites in more details like in this case of the amazing, then you will know about them too, if you have not tried them out yet. But i will say one thing about all of these amazing websites and places like these where you can find the good is that these are some amazing places to ship from. then we have all of these websites that you can chcek out for regular good deals and and then we have all of these things like the Indian online shopping India online shopping coupons. So for all those of you who want to learn these tricks and see what is what and how the things are all done around here and for better ideas about the things and the situations of the India shopping online Save Money!

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Amazon India hindi review | returns and refunds | Pathetic Packing | customer service | fake reviews

Amazon India hindi review | returns and refunds | Pathetic Packing | customer service | Fake customer reviews
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