Getting the right kind of shoes for you, which is comfortable, stylish, suits your needs, and fits in properly is quite a task! If you are blessed with bigger feet, then God help you when you go out on a shoe buying mission for yourself! However, those blessed with large feet need not worry much. Shoes in size of 12 are available these days, so you can easily get a pair of size 12 shoes for yourself, without much hassle. All major brands are sure to stock this size. So, satisfy your shoe fetish by going in for the design that you like best in your size. Not getting your size for your favorite design is a thing of the past now, all thanks to size 12 being available for almost all the major brands.

Men’s shoes size 12 is also available readily these days. As per the standard methods of measurement, the shoe size of men is usually measured as two sizes larger when compared to a woman’s shoe size. So, a men’s shoes size 12 is considered to be the large size. At times, finding the perfect formal pair of men’s shoes size 12 might be a slightly tedious task, but not an impossible one. However, at times it might so happen that you might find a few brands stocking men’s shoes size 12. If you are able to choose your shoes properly, then you would be able to manage to make your bigger feet look smaller. In order to give your feet a proper and comfortable shape, it is of utmost importance that you go in for a pair of shoes which fit in properly into your feet. Or else, you are bound to feel uncomfortable with smaller pair of shoes or those shoes which are ill fitting.

Men’s shoes size 12 can easily be shopped online too. Shopping online is bound to save you some embarrassment which you might face if you visit any offline store, where your chances of facing rejection is higher, and you would surely not like to experience such a feeling while getting your favorite pair of shoes. A size 12 pair can also come in different designs and colors, and if you are lucky enough, you are sure to come across such variety, which is surely a source of joy!

A survey online is surely going to give you a fair idea about the designs that are available in this size. However, at times, it might so happen that such a pair of shoes would be more expensive than you had actually expected it to be. This might be due to the fact this size is not that readily available when compared to the other sizes, and since it is a bigger size, so the making cost of this is also expected to go up a bit. You can now get yourself your favorite pair of shoes, even if your feet are large!

A man’s dressing up remains incomplete unless it is attributed with the perfect pair of shoes. The possessor of unusual shoe size , such as a mens shoes size 12 often find it difficult to get the right pair. is the welcome option of online store to get the perfect selection. So, visit the store and complete the fashion statement.


Here I am, shopping in the men’s section. (for clothes & men.) Lol.

Since I LOVE the trend of women wearing men’s clothing, and since I’m single and have no boyfriend to steal hoodies from…I figured I’d just go out and buy some of my own. lol.

Enjoy the menswear adventure!! Xoxo

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Links to what I bought! 🙂

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Adidas t:

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