We have been to school, we work hard to earn, and we provide our families with basic needs. We have become advanced and have escaped from the tooth fairy myth, and are more considerate about cosmetic dentistry and Invisalign. However, there are still a few people in this world who leave a question mark on our brains. Their way of living and their way of comprehending things is far different from ours. One such group of people is Piraha tribe in Amazon.

Many researchers who have visited these tribes have found strangeness in the behaviors of people, especially with the children and how they nurture them. One of the tourists found a toddler playing with a big knife. He was surprised at the act, but he got more surprised when he found that the child dropped the knife and his mother handed it to him again so that he could continue playing with it!

Parenting is out of the question. According to these tribes, children and adults are equal, so nobody tells others what to do and what not to. Similarly, there is no education. Everybody has to defend their own selves. The only purpose of survival is to look for food and fill your own stomach, if you are alone.

A lot of researchers have noticed the peculiarity in the language the Piraha tribe speaks. To a layman, it sounds like whistles, humming, or encoded music. The words are proper words to them, but to people they sound like bird-like whistles. The main reason for this might be because these tribes have evolved in rainforests around different kinds of animals. As a means of communication over long distances, they might have adapted these shrieks and whistles from the birds and other creatures.

On the other hand, linguists pondered on it deeply. To their surprise, there are absolutely no numbers in the language of Piraha tribes! Many also found out that people from these tribes have difficulty in counting ahead of five. When one of the researchers inquired a tribal man about the number of his children, he could only tell about his first four children, after that he scratched his head and had difficulty in remembering more of his children. Because the language lacks numbers, tribal people are considered to be somewhat bad at remembering stuff. The main reason for this might also be the fact that they live in present and are not very imaginative.

Moreover, the language also does not have many pronouns. Some phonics is rare and hard to speak. The language also lacks general clause structure. The people use extremely short clauses to express a sentence. Adding more to the peculiarity, is the absence of colors. The only terms used are light and dark.

The world is increasingly becoming a global village. Everyday we get to know about different tribes and cultures. Let us all wait to hear more of strange things happening in the world!

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