When is a rose no longer just a rose? My answer to that question is, when it becomes something amazing to eat and drink. I have always been enamored with my namesake. Roses are simply beautiful to look at. Their scent is tantalizingly exquisite. And when I take them and transform them into an incredible edible something truly magical happens.

Roses have been grown and adored for centuries. They were very popular with the ancient Romans. Rose petals were used in cooking to make a variety of puddings and sorbets. Roses were also used to flavor wine. As the influence of the ancient Romans spread to other cultures, the use of roses in cooking grew. Those influences can still been seen in many of the traditional dishes prepared in Turkey and the Middle East.

Since I am a professional chef, I am always looking for recipes and ingredients that I can use to create an exceptional dining experience for my customers.  Summer is almost in full bloom and I was looking for something that would be light, delicious and in harmony with the season. So, you can imagine how thrilled I was when I found The Rose Cookbook authored by Laura Denktash.

I had just created a high tea menu with some interesting summer tea sandwiches. After I added several of the rose themed tea sandwiches I found in the book, high tea took on a new meaning for my customers. One recipe that became an instant favorite was the Cucumber Mint and Rose Petal sandwiches – one bite and everyone fell in love with the amazing variety of textures and extraordinary taste combinations.

The cookbook also contains recipes for a wide variety of tantalizing main dishes, sumptuous desserts, jams, sauces and beverages which I am incorporating into my summer menus to the delight of my customers. How does Rose Petal and Strawberry Dream Cake with a Rose Bellini for dessert sound?

The recipes are well written and easy to follow. And the end results taste great and look even better. Rose petals breathe new fun and sophistication into tea parties, they add romance to dinners, and lend a touch of bed and breakfast charm to Sunday morning brunches.

Just a word of caution, when cooking with rose petals or using them in salads, try not to use commercial roses that have been sprayed with pesticides. If you have no choice but to use commercial roses, wash them very, very well to remove any traces of the spray.

The Rose Cookbook contains over 300 recipes from all over the world. So if you are looking for some new recipe ideas that will have your taste buds jumping for joy, you simply must grab a copy for yourself.

You can find this book online at http://TheRoseDiva.com/

Rose is an iNetworking business strategist who helps both internet marketing beginners and veterans create positive cash flow in their businesses through the use of highly effective attraction based marketing methods. Rose is also an award winning Professional Chef and Culinary visionary. She is currently writing her first cookbook. You can contact Rose at http://www.iNetworkingSuccess.com

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