Looking for an alternative website to eBay? In this video, we discuss where to sell outside of eBay.

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Want to sell outside of eBay? Luckily, it is now easier than ever to find other websites to sell your items online. Ebay is still a great place to list your items: But other websites have their advantages too. Let’s take a look at some of the options.

Alternative website to eBay #1: Amazon.com

Amazon is a huge online marketplace that is growing faster than eBay. It is a great eBay alternative that has a lot of advantages.

Using the Amazon FBA fulfilment program, you can let Amazon fulfill your orders for you. All you need to do is ship your items into their warehouses. This free’s up your time and lets you focus on sourcing your products. There are fees to pay for this service: But many sellers find that it is worth it for them.

In addition, Amazon has a huge, diverse marketplace of buyers. People use Amazon to shop for lots of different things, meaning you can sell a wide variety of products on there, just like with eBay.

However, Amazon’s selling fees are higher than eBay’s, and selling second hand items is very unusual on Amazon.com. Keep this in mind when listing your items for sale on Amazon.

Alternative website to eBay #2: Etsy.com

Etsy is a fast growing platform that is dedicated to selling crafty items. Its very popular for handmade, craft-like items. But you don’t have to be limited to selling homemade crafts. You can sell other unique, interesting items on there, such as antiques.

It isn’t a website for listing general items though. So don’t go on there and list nike shoes you picked up at a thrift store! Instead, stick to selling unique, antique, vintage items on Etsy in addition to listing any crafts you make/sell.

Alternative website to eBay #3: Craiglist

Craiglist has been around a very long time. It is a tried and true website for listing your items for sale. Listing your items on Craiglist is a good way to make sales of items that are only suitable for local buyers: For example, bikes. This is a fantastic way to sell items like this and bypass eBay’s fees, which let you keep more money.

Alternative website to eBay #4: eBid

This is another auction site similar to eBay. It has buyers interested in lots of different items and so you can list a wide variety of items on there. It is a lot smaller than eBay so don’t rely on your eBid sales. It is good to cross-list your items on eBid in addition to selling them on eBay.

Alternative website to eBay #5: Selling in your own store

Selling in your own store is a fantastic option that we recommend to all sellers. When you sell on third party websites, you become reliant on them. If anything were to happen to them, such as them getting shut down or banning your account, you would be stuck and wouldn’t have any income or sales. By selling in your own store, you retain control of sales and future-proof yourself for the future.

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