Amazon’s 3G Kindle has the Apple iPad whooped in price, size and free features. Although the Apple iPad is better for browsing, the 3G Kindle far surpasses it in many other ways.

1. No more glare: You know how you could take the old Second Generation Kindle outside and not be able to read one word because of the sunlight? Well this time, Amazon made their Kindle look exactly like a book – no screen glare, no glossy shine. The minute you boot up a book in your Kindle, you’ll feel like you’re reading right out of a hardback book.

2. Free web browsing on the 3G Kindle: That’s right. Amazon pays for their customers to surf the web for free using their 3G network! That means no contracts and no monthly fees for anything. Buy and download Kindle books wherever you are, and look up the latest news on your favorite celebrities – all without spending another penny for internet access!

3. Smaller than the iPad: The Apple iPad is a monster compared with the new 3G Kindle. The iPad is over 9 inches tall and 7 inches wide. The 3G Kindle has a much more svelte 4.8 by 7.5-inch figure, making it more portable and travel-friendly than the iPad. Plus, it’s slightly thinner than the iPad. The Kindle is no thicker than a No. 2 pencil.

4. No computer necessary: Maybe you don’t want everything you do on your Kindle to be connected to your computer. Perhaps you don’t want to finagle with yet another software that only freezes up your screen. If that’s you, then you need the 3G Kindle, not the Apple iPad. The Apple iPad takes iTunes to run, which is a pain on any PC. It also requires a computer or Mac connection to even allow your first use. But not the Kindle!

5. Real keyboard: Don’t like typing on the tiny keyboard on a screen? You don’t have to with a 3G Kindle. The button keyboard is always at your fingertips just beneath your screen for easy typing. No more dinking around with an on-screen keyboard that tries to fix all of your spelling errors and guess what you’re typing – and end up wrong every time. Nope. With the Amazon Kindle, you get to type just as you normally would on a real keyboard. Nice, isn’t it?

6. The price: Part of the reason so many ebook lovers purchase a Kindle instead of an iPad is because they don’t want to shell out $ 600 to $ 800 for an iPad – plus the cost of a monthly contract for WiFi or cellular service. The 3G Kindle is priced with a far more reasonable $ 189 price tag, making it a far more affordable option for the average Joe Blow.

There are a few more reasons you should buy the Amazon 3G Kindle instead of the Apple iPad which I didn’t have room to write about here. But you can find out what those reasons are when you check out I promise you that the Kindle will knock your socks off in every imaginable way – without digging too far into your wallet.